DMN sprout suppressant gains approval in GB

Inside a potato store

Potato sprout suppressant 1,4SIGHT has gained full approval in Great Britain, providing a welcome addition to the list of products used to maintain tuber dormancy in stores.

Containing 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, more commonly known as DMN, the product has been awaiting regulatory approval since 2015.

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Its approval holder DormFresh has now plugged all the regulatory data gaps required by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD-HSE), and British potato store managers will be able to use the product from the start of the 2022-23 storage period.

The clamour for DMN’s approval has increased since the withdrawal of chlorpropham (CIPC), which provided cost-effective, residual control of sprouting in potato stores for decades.

Essential oils

Since CIPC was banned, only contact-acting products like mint oil, orange oil, and ethylene gas have been available.

The essential oils only offer relatively short-term efficacy and require multiple applications, while ethylene is not suitable for use in all potato markets.

Although DMN is not a like-for-like replacement CIPC, its mode of action does have curative and residual effects.

This means it can control existing in-field or in-store sprouts emerging from tubers and enhance natural dormancy by breaking apical dominance, preventing sprouting in the first place.

Its approval holder DormFresh told that more detail on the approval will be communicated in the coming days, including the 1,4-SIGHT product label and its statutory conditions of use.

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