Grimme to take GL 420 Exacta on UK-wide roadshow

GRIMME GL 420 Exacta in a field

GRIMME UK is to showcase the latest version of the GL 420 Exacta potato planter, which offers four-row planting with larger 90cm row widths, with a nationwide roadshow.

The new cup planter is billed as both a labour and potential cost-saving option when compared with conventional crop establishment using multiple machines.

It will cultivate soil, plant seed and form ridges in a single pass, helping with soil conservation.

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The planter includes the latest GRIMME i-Systems technology, including Clever Planting, that calculates the optimum planting space to maximise the yield and Section Control, which automatically turns off the planting elements in the headlands and tram-lines to help save seed, time and money.

The GL 420 Exacta combination planter also includes integrated soil cultivation thanks to the GR 360 hook tine tiller.

In-furrow chemical treatments are also possible as GRIMME has included dedicated liquid and granular applicators for tuber dressing and soil treatment.

Four-row combination planting

“With everything that is going on at the moment, crop establishment costs and soil conservation are increasingly important for UK potato growers.

“By offering four-row combination planting, the GL 420 Exacta lowers these costs as it requires fewer passes to establish the crop, and thanks to its compact design, it is easy and quick to manoeuvre,” says Tom Goose, Sales Manager at GRIMME UK.

“We are really looking forward to touring the country and showing the GL 420 Exacta to growers.

It’s been a long time since we have been able to organise events such as this, so we expect the #RowShow2022 to be incredibly popular, and it will be great to show growers the unique capabilities of our latest planter.”

Growers wanting to see a demonstration in their area should contact their local GRIMME UK dealer for details.

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