Solynta and Incotec enter partnership to optimise performance of hybrid true potato seeds

Incotec Solynta agreeing partnership

HYBRID potato innovator Solynta and seed enhancement company Incotec have announced a new collaboration agreement to bring “world-class seed technology and elite genetics” to potato farmers worldwide. 

Solynta and Incotec have been co-operating since 2013 on several research projects. 

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Collaborations so far include co-run trials and scaling up production of hybrid true potato seeds and seed enhancement techniques. 

The new partnership will deepen that collaboration, the two firms said, upon signing the deal at the recent International Seed Federation (ISF) congress.

Potato is the fourth-largest crop globally and represents a vital staple food for populations across the globe.

Developing world

Hybrid true potato seeds offer advantages to growers and other actors in the distribution chain due to their compactness, rapid scaling, availability for year-round planting and other benefits. 

This is particularly important for farmers in remote areas of Africa, Asia and Central America, where the availability of high-quality starting material is limited. 

Solynta is a Netherlands-based company that has developed a portfolio of hybrid potato varieties for farmers that are dependable, productive, and highly resilient to climate change. 

Disease-free starting material

The firm’s hybrid true potato seeds overcome the phytosanitary and logistical challenges associated with traditional seed tubers. 

True seeds provide clean and disease-free starting material to farmers, compared to conventional seed tubers, which are prone to disease and pests. 

By partnering with Incotec, Solynta will benefit from its expertise in seed technology and ensure its hybrid true potato seeds are genetically successful and provide the most advanced seed enhancements available. 


Incotec is a global seed enhancement company that has developed a package of technologies, including a new pelletisation method and innovative seed priming formula, specifically tailored to fit true potato seeds. 

Pelleting true potato seeds helps to improve the sowability of this small and lightweight seed by creating a uniform round shape and size. 

Priming the seeds helps to improve germination strength and uniformity. 

This seed technology will allow Solynta’s true potato seeds to succeed in diverse growing environments across the globe. 

‘Global solutions’

Johan Trouw, supply chain director and co-founder of Solynta, said: “At Solynta, we believe that partnering with industry leaders like Incotec supports our mission of creating global solutions for food and nutritional insecurity. 

“Their expertise in seed enhancement combined with our hybrid breeding technology will have a major impact on the future of potato crops around the globe.”

Erik Jan Bartels, MD of Incotec, added, “Incotec is continuously innovating and improving its product portfolio. 

Seed enhancement

“Extending our seed enhancement technologies to true potato seeds is a significant step forward in line with our purpose of helping to create a more sustainable, food-secure global future. 

“We value the cooperation with Solynta and are thrilled to be a partner in Solynta’s revolutionary work in the potato sector.”